Overcoming Fears

‘Fear is only as deep as the mind allows’

Japanese proverb

Do you feel that you often avoid situations and limit your experiences due to your fears?

Have you developed a phobia around an object or situation that fills you with complete panic?

We all have fears to some degree, but when you start to feel overwhelmed by them, particularly when you know we are consciously safe, it could be time to let them go.

What are Fears and Phobias?

People can develop a fear or phobia around many things.

The most common being:

  • Situational phobias – triggered by specific situations such as enclosed spaces, flying, driving, bridges.
  • Animal phobias– fear of snakes, spiders, dogs, rats
  • Natural environment phobias heights, water, storms, fear of the dark
  • Medical phobiasneedles, dentist, blood, operations

Limiting fears such as:

  • Health anxiety– feeling like you might die or have a life- threatening disease
  • Social phobia – where you feel judged in social situations, excessive self-consciousness, how you look, fear of public speaking, strangers.
  • Agoraphobia– fear of public places and open spaces. Often associated with panic attacks
  • Fear of failure /fear of success
person falling
handcuffs breaking

Phobias tend to be more pronounced that fears and develop when you have an exaggerated or irrational sense of danger about an object or situation. It is not unusual to then organise your life around the phobia to minimise exposure and contact with it.

This can be easily orchestrated by using avoidance if for example the phobia is around snakes, as most people do not come into contact with snakes on a regular basis.

However, something like social phobia, that prevents you from connecting with others, can rapidly reduce your quality of life, resulting in feelings of isolation and depression and can often be accompanied by panic attacks.

With all fears and phobias, the feeling of being unsafe is a common characteristic. Whilst most phobias develop in childhood they can also develop in later lifeYou probably accept that the fear is irrational, but you can’t seem to control it.

Understanding your fear or phobia is the first step to overcoming it. Therapy has been proven to be a very effective treatment in removing unwanted fears and phobias, and by using a combination of approaches, I have helped many clients successfully overcome their fears that now no longer hold them back

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