Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

What will you gain freedom from using EFT?

What is EFT?

EFT is a natural technique that combines gentle tapping on acupressure points around the body to help rebalance and eliminate painful emotional states and physical symptoms.

EFT is described as an Energy Psychology and explores the links between the mind-body connection. EFT takes a holistic approach and works on the premise that physical problems create emotional responses and emotional problems often manifest as physical symptoms.

EFT works by tuning into the intensity of the emotion, feeling or negative experience, whilst actively discharging the energy through the body by tapping on the meridian points using a simple statement about the problem, followed by a positive affirmation.

EFT follows the sequence below:

eft tapping points
free birds

How can EFT work for me?

EFT is widely becoming known as an effective technique to manage all sorts of psychological and physical conditions and is essentially a self-help tool that anyone can benefit from.

EFT is used within many different settings and thousands of case studies have been published to evaluate its efficacy as a therapeutic technique that can lead to long-lasting benefits and consistent results.

EFT can be used to treat many different issues and is particularly effective for:

  • Anxiety/fear
  • Anger
  • Stress/Exhaustion
  • Trauma symptoms -PTSD
  • Chronic Pain Management
  • Reducing/Elimination addictive cravings
  • Self-control/Self-belief

Many people often report a feeling of warmth and lightness in their body, gentle tingling and a sensation of relaxation and calm during or immediately after using EFT.

It may also temporarily intensify an emotion, as it brings to the surface feelings that have been trapped. But as the energy is released, it allows for the healing to take its place, so that we can adjust and no longer feel troubled by it.

Working with all the aspects of the problem, really enables you bring an awareness to it, that then simply no longer has the same emotional charge. Your perception of an event may also change and clients often say that an experience ‘feels insignificant now’ after working with EFT.  

Working with an experienced and attuned EFT practitioner can help you to feel safe and held in a very nurturing way whilst you work on long-standing or complex difficulties on your path to emotional freedom.


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